Henry John (Developer)

Message from Developer of FR Legends

Dear FR Legends Community

To our constantly expanding drift enthusiast family, we are delighted to welcome you. Your encouragement and enthusiasm keep us committed to creating FR Legends with the best drifting experience possible. 

Our aim is to make a game that can capture the real joy of drifting, the smell of burning rubber and right down to the first engine roar. The motivation we got from your recommendations, comments and constant dedication to polishing your talents made us push the limits of what can be possible in FR Legends. 

Nothing to worry about, we are working hard by continuously improving the game by introducing new features to keep it as thrilling as your greatest drifts. Your excitement inspires us, and we are driven by your passion for innovation. 

We are thankful for your imagination, dedication, and continuous search for the ideal drift. We are curious to find out where the drifts and the road will lead us next. 

Maintain your love, dedication, and smoking tires.  



Developer of FR Legends