Benjamin Leo (CEO)

CEO of FR Legends Thanking

Thank you for visiting our FR Legends passionate hub!

As a CEO of FR Legends, I feel humbled to speak about our dedicated community as the CEO of FR Legends. Fans across the globe can enjoy the thrill of drifting, thanks to the outstanding mobile gaming experience. Today, I’m very happy to see that our vision came true. 

FR Legends is not only just a game but also a shared passion and a way of life. Each of you, for your part which helped us in making our success possible, I want to sincerely thank you. 

Thanks to your valuable feedback, our team works passionately to develop the game with enhancements. We promise to provide engaging content and excellent updates. 

Your innovation in creating epic replays, designing drifts, and building cars is amazing. Here we will highlight your abilities and encourage your success. 

Our dedication goes beyond the game for these neighbourhoods. We want to promote nonstop pleasure and friendship. 

Ahead of us are challenges as well as exciting possibilities. Together, let’s test the limits and explore this adventure of mobile gaming. 

This community is driven by and powered by your passion. I’m pleased to lead a group committed to the success of FR Legends. 

Stay active for breath-taking drifting, unforgettable experiences, and additional information. Drifting with you side by side really excites me, since the path ahead is sure to be truly fascinating. 


Benjamin Leo

CEO, FR Legends