FR Legends Livery Codes Latest Free 2023

In the amazing racing world of mobile games, FR Legends Mod APK has chosen its niche. What makes it unique from the entire racing game is the ability to offer huge customization options for your dream cars with stunning liveries. 

You can change the appearance of your car with these liveries varying from paints, types of vinyl, skins, and a lot more. Customizing your car is not about just how your car looks; it shows the creativity in you.

All these customization options can be explored through livery codes to enter the world of your imagination.

Share Custom Designs

Livery codes are combinations of alphanumeric, allowing players to share their custom designs with their friends and others. The imaginative world of customizing cars is an art that glimpses your personality and style.

You Are All Covered

Whether you like simplistic type designs or you have an interest in vibrant patterns, livery codes have all covered up for you.

The Beauty Of Livery Codes

The fascinating beauty of livery codes can be found in online community platforms. From all around the world, players share their unique designs and inspire others to show some of their creativity.

Find New Liveries

It is not hard to find new liveries; the latest livery codes can be found in online community platforms like social media, forums, or dedicated websites.

Besides Online Communities

Besides online communities, liveries get updated from time to time by FR Legends. Giving new tastes to customization for the players lets them go and try creativity beyond their imagination. This way, the community is motivated and constantly challenged to push the boundaries of designs. 

Inner Artist

Livery codes are not just some designs for the players to try on their dream cars. Instead, it is a way of showing your inner artist by engaging with the community. So, there is no need to wait and think; go into the world of FR Legends. Experiment with designs and let your racetrack glow with your artistic creation. 

Livery Codes not just Alphabets and Numbers

Livery codes are not just combinations of alphabets and numbers for car designs; instead, through livery codes you get different rewards and gifts for redeeming them. The process for the livery codes to be installed in your game is very easy.

Step by Step guide

We have provided a step-by-step guide for you on how you get livery codes, so follow the steps, and without any complexity, you will have your liveries in your game to try out. 

More than 200 Livery Codes

More than two hundred livery codes have been provided for you at the start for being tried out. If you want to try new designs or more gifts and rewards, you can get these types of livery codes from online communities.

How To Install Or Use Livery Codes

As you have learned all qualities of the livery codes and now you want to apply on your car just right now. However, the first thing coming to your mind is that how to do it. Then no worries, we have all covered you up.

Simply follow the given instructions down below:

  1. Open the game and click on the button titled “Codes.”
  2. Put your code
  3. Now click on Redeem to get your rewards and gifts.

FR Legends Mod APK Livery Codes List

  1. 0002FCD3FFDB00040006005A604D03FF0005
  2. 002EFCBB000000120005005A261E00FF0001
  3. 002EFCBA000000120002005A4C3C00FF0001
  4. 0FA5FCC800000002000200B4000000AC0001
  5. 0003FCC9000000030003005A313131FF0001
  6. 0005FCC9FFB40007001200FBC29A00FF0005
  7. 0002036D000000430016FFA6292929FF0001
  8. 0002036D000000420016FFA6625500FF0001
  9. 0FA503660000000400100000000000AF0001
  10. 0002035F003A000A0004FFA6000000FF0005
  11.      002FFEB802EA0012000A0000000000820005
  12. 002FFEB802E6000F000900008F5500FF0005
  13. 020FFEB802EA000600030000F69200820005
  14. 002FFC91018A0018000E0018000000FF0004
  15. 0FA5FC130000000200770000535353FF0001
  16. 0FA5FC440000FFFE008D00B4FFE362FF0001
  17. 0011FC440188003E0039005E000000FF0005
  18. 0052FC280000014CFFD9005A323232FF0001
  19. 000200000000045E039D0000F0CE00FF0001
  20. 0002FC2DFBF4006400640000000000FF0000
  21. 0002015D0000001E01020000000000FF0000
  22. 0002FD5B012A0041005F005A000000FF0004
  23. 0002FDD40113004100210054F0EEE2FF0004
  24. 0002FCFC019C0041004A0065F0EEE2FF0004
  25. 0016FCF1011600280053FFFCF0EEE2FF0004
  26. 002EFC2EFEE80015000B0060000000FF0005
  27. 004FFC3A019F00A9000E0104555555FF0005
  28. 0052FC150000014CFFF9005A000000FF0001
  29. 0053FD140102002A0022005A000000FF0007
  30. 002EFD17011900120011005A000000FF0005
  31. 002EFD03010800150009005A000000FF0005
  32. 002EFD1301420005000900C9000000FF0005
  33. 002EFD13013F0005000900C979777AFF0005
  34. 002EFD06010800130008005A595959FF0005
  35. 0053FD1400FA001F001B005A595959FF0005
  36. 003DFD23011800260015005ADBDADCFF0005
  37. 003DFD0F00D9000C000F001BB2B0B4FF0005
  38. 003DFD1F00DA001700160035FDEE9EFF0005
  39. 0002FCC00000003B001E005A8F7A25FF0001
  40. 0002FCC00000003A001C005AD5B700FF0001
  41. 0002FCD3FFE000080006005A8D7000FF0005
  42. 0015027502B9001C001C00005B591FFF0001
  43. 0015027502B9001A001A0000AF9709FF0001
  44. 0053027502AB000F000F0000B99F00FF0001
  45. 0053027602C50018001E00B2C0A814FF0001
  46. 004E002C028D00C2002700B2000000220001
  47. 0FA5FED2034C00070006FFF9000000FF0605
  48. 004CFEAD034F001CFFEB0057000000FF0005
  49. 0011FEED032A001CFFF7FF49252000FF0005
  50. 0011FEE203700013FFF7FF49252000FF0005
  51. 0044035400E9000E0006FFA64F4F4FFF0005
  52. 020F035400E600040002005A7D7C7CFF0005
  53. 002100CD034F0016FFE7FFD9FFF386C80005
  54. 002102B0034F0015FFF50019000000420004
  55. 0044FD1701D80078004900460000003D0005
  56. 002EFD04FEF60019FFEE005A000000FF0004
  57. 0043FD14FEF6003700230060000000FF0004
  58. 0043FD13FEF50033001A005E737373FF0004
  59. 002EFD05FEF50018000E005A585659FF0004
  60. 0052FCA400000080FFED005A000000FF0001
  61. 0002FC45000001B9000D005A0000006E0001
  62. 0052FCA4014A0044FFE80054000000FF0005
  63. 004EFC4800000121FFC2005A000000590001
  64. 004EFC600000012AFF79005A000000420001
  65. 0050FD3AFEE9003B000C010E000000FF0005
  66. 002102EE00070003FFF6FFC5383838FF0007
  67. 004D02FB038B00870064009F000000FF0005
  68. 004D03AC017A005700240051000000FF0005
  69. 004302B0032A001E000B0000312A00FF0005
  70. 0043FC8001D8FFE2000B005A6F5F00FF0005
  71. 0043FC8601D8FFE2000B005AB34100FF0005
  72. 004302B00325001E000B00007D0000FF0005
  73. 0043035700FD0028000B010F000000950005
  74. 0043035400FD0028000B010F7D0000FF0005
  75. 020F02B103270006000300004D0000FF0005
  76. 020F0354011300060003005A4D0000FF0005
  77. 020FFC8301E300060003005A764502FF0005
  78. 002102EC00070003FFF6FFC5898886FF0007
  79. 004D02D6005100120014FF88000000FF0005
  80. 0003030A000000080006FFA6252525FF0001
  81. 0003030A000000050004FFA6949494FF0001
  82. 004E02AF000000A60013FFA6464646FF0001
  83. 00030213000001C6005CFFA6000000FF0001
  84. 00470049026500B90014FF4D000000FF0005
  85. 004C0297025FFF91003C000E0000005E0001
  86. 004D01F4FD5D00B0005F00BCF0CE00FF0005
  87. 004E0211027B008700640000FAD600FF0005
  88. 0FA5020702850005002A0058B3B136FF0005
  89. 00440228FD6200C5006400A9F0CE00FF0004
  90. 004E0209026E00BD003AFFFF000000470005
  91. 0FA500A70216001C004F01C06E5E00FF0605
  92. 000300E202170043003D0000000000FF0005
  93. 000301170242002F00200000000000FF0005
  94. 0053007E01E2009000540000000000FF0005
  95. 0FA5FF03038D0005008EFFA6000000FF0005
  96. 0002FFCB03AB0005012A005A000000FF0005
  97. 002E01EC0246001200120000000000FF0005
  98. 002E018C01FF002600160036000000FF0005
  99. 0047FFCC03A100EB001D0000000000FF0001
  100. 0002FC18FFCB01E10019005A000000FF0001
  101. 0048FC610000021B0013005A6C6012A70001
  102. 0002033F0271003F0004FFE3000000FF0005
  103. 004702B80000018DFFD1FFA6000000FF0001
  104. 00470316010D0083FFE2FFA6000000FF0005
  105. 0003030902C1002E0026FFB6000000FF0005
  106. 00520384000000790024005A6A5B00FF0001
  107. 001502EE00000014000DFFA63A3A3AFF0003
  108. 001502ED00000014000DFFA6989898FF0003
  109. 001502EC0000000F0009FFA6F0CE00FF0003
  110. 002F02F300670015000D000B000000FF0005
  111. 005303B5009300A90074FFBA6A5B00FF0005
  112. 005303B9009300920064FFBA000000FF0005
  113. 00520390000000840024005A000000FF0001
  114. 000203B0000E001100510000000000FF0001
  115. 0FA5023A02C5000E0029FFA86E5E00FF0005
  116. 0404026E0282001C001E00027E7E7EFF0004
  117. 03F702870282001C001E00027E7E7EFF0004
  118. 03F602A00282001C001E00027E7E7EFF0004
  119. 03F602B90282001C001E00027E7E7EFF0004
  120. 040B02D20282001C001E00027E7E7EFF0004
  121. 0DB0FED202A7001B00150000000000C80004
  122. 0DB0029AFF14001B0015FFA6000000C80004
  123. 07F4FEBE02D7001500150000363636FF0004
  124. 07F2FEBF02FB000B000B0000373737FF0004
  125. 07E0FEBF0338001400140000373737FF0004
  126. 07D2FEBF0353001400140000373737FF0004
  127. 0DB0FD190305001700130000000000C80004
  128. 09DA02A202E2001700130000747373FF0004
  129. 0404FD9DFF610041004F005A7E7E7EFF0000
  130. 03F7FD9DFF9B0041004F005A7E7E7EFF0000
  131. 0405FD89FFCA002C0026005A7E7E7EFF0000
  132. 0407FD89FFF2002C0026005A7E7E7EFF0000
  133. 0402FD89001B002C0026005A7E7E7EFF0000
  134. 03F7FD890045002C0026005A7E7E7EFF0000
  135. 0404FD89006D002C0026005A7E7E7EFF0000
  136. 03F9FD9D00A00041004F005A7E7E7EFF0000
  137. 000201340215001E0008003F000000FF0005
  138. 000203A4032D00E700010000000000890004
  139. 0002010A02F40003000500117E7E7EFF0004
  140. 000200F402E60003000500117E7E7EFF0004
  141. 000200F102F6000E000100007E7E7EFF0004
  142. 000200F002FC000E000100007E7E7EFF0004
  143. 000200E102F90002000400117E7E7EFF0004
  144. 000200FF02F90002000400117E7E7EFF0004
  145. 000200EE03000003000200007E7E7EFF0004
  146. 000200EC03040013000100007E7E7EFF0004
  147. 000200EA030A0013000100007E7E7EFF0004
  148. 000200D703060002000400117E7E7EFF0004
  149. 0002010303060002000400117E7E7EFF0004
  150. 0409FFB30379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  151. 0409FFCC0379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  152. 0409FFE60379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  153. 00520121030800AA00BA0076F1CE00FF0005
  154. 040800080379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  155. 00460141021B0025FFDEFF8A000000FF0005
  156. 0401002F0379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  157. 040200490379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  158. 040600640379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  159. 03F500890379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  160. 040100A40379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  161. 03FC00C60379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  162. 040200DE0379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  163. 03F902550282001C001E00027E7E7EFF0004
  164. 000202E7000000400021FFA6000000FF0000
  165. 000202E70000003C001FFFA6FFFFFFFF0000
  166. 0002000102F90005000B00117E7E7EFF0004
  167. 0002001602EC0016000300007E7E7EFF0004
  168. 0002001C02F9000E000300007E7E7EFF0004
  169. 0007003202F20006000C00007E7E7EFF0004
  170. 0016003602F2FFF6000800007E7E7EFF0004
  171. 000200170300000C000300147E7E7EFF0004
  172. 0002004B03040024000300007E7E7EFF0004
  173. 0002006B02EC0014000300007E7E7EFF0004
  174. 0002007002F80016000300007E7E7EFF0004
  175. 001D004A02F80006000300007E7E7EFF0004
  176. 0002005102F80005000B00147E7E7EFF0004
  177. 0002009202F2000A0003FFE27E7E7EFF0004
  178. 000200D702EC0031000300007E7E7EFF0004
  179. 000200B102F90003000B00117E7E7EFF0004
  180. 0002009702FF0003000900117E7E7EFF0004
  181. 000200C802FF0003000900117E7E7EFF0004
  182. 000200B102F80013000300007E7E7EFF0004
  183. 000200A803010009000200007E7E7EFF0004
  184. 000200BE03010007000200007E7E7EFF0004
  185. 000200A603080009000200007E7E7EFF0004
  186. 000200BE03080007000200007E7E7EFF0004
  187. 000200D902F40003000500117E7E7EFF0004
  188. 000202C3FFFD0066000F005A000000FF0001
  189. 0003FD8E011A000F000F0055424242FF0004
  190. 0003FD8E011A000C000C0055E06B08FF0004
  191. 020EFD8E011A000500050055A44B00FF0004
  192. 020EFD8E011A00050005002D5D3E24FF0004
  193. 0002FB9E000001AF0064005A000000FF0000
  194. 0002FBB301DE00CC0064004A000000FF0004
  195. 0003FBC0000000D50064005A000000FF0000
  196. 0008FC3801060017000D0056000000FF0004
  197. 0008FC3B012C0017000D0056000000FF0004
  198. 0017FC9A019B0018004AFFD3000000FF0004
  199. 0017FC7901B2001E0072FFD6000000FF0004
  200. 0FA5006200C6FFDB0025005A6E5E00FF0605
  201. 0FA50377FFDFFFF60064FF4C6E5E00FF0301
  202. 0FA5FC7E001B0008006C00B46E5E00FF0301
  203. 0FA5FCCF00000008FF8D00005D5000FF0301
  204. 0FA5FFD90356FFF4009BFFA66E5E00FF0305
  205. 0003FDD4030D0054007A005A4A4A4AFF0304
  206. 0FA5FED202C500150075FFA66E5E00FF0005
  207. 0003FDD4030C004C0080005AF0EEE2FF0004
  208. 0002FD090325001C00090000000000FF0004
  209. 000202B00325002000090000000000FF0004
  210. 000202B00325001B00070000FF0029FF0004
  211. 0002FD090325001800070000D97700FF0004

Tested Livery Codes

All these livery codes are tested by many players from around the world. By applying these codes you get stuff in the game “FR” and “FR Legends Mod” which are not available by default. It allows the players to have such cars which were not available at the beginning of developing the game.

Unique Cars Bydefault

However, when the game “Mod APK FR Legends” was developed it introduced many unique cars for the gamers to play with. But the demand of players to have the latest modern models in the game some developers offer these livery codes to access all those in demand.

Besides New Models

Besides new modern models, some players prefer to have the legendary classic Japanese cars. After players download FR Legends Mod APK and have these cars available for themself they want to customize it in their own way.

Applying New Designs And Wraps

Applying new designs and wraps on the vehicle that has been acquired by the players is a bit cumbersome. This issue has been resolved with livery codes. Not only you can apply new designs and wraps on the cars. But also share the designs in FR Legends that have been made by some of the creative players.

Creative Players

Creative players are the ones who download FR Legend Mod APK, enjoy racing and drifting but prefer to make new custom designs. These designs are not only for them, they want to show the world how great their creativity is and how capable they are.

Sharing Designs

Some creative players like to share their art with the rest of the players who are from around the globe. However, some prefer to keep their designs to themself in the game FR Legends Mod APK in order to stay unique from other players.

Various Platforms

The livery codes of Mod FR Legend you found on various platforms like dedicated websites, forums, blogs, social media groups, social media pages, etc, are the ones that have been shared by the creative players. 

Only Share A Few Designs

Some players only share a few of their designs in FR Legends Mod APK Unlimited Money and keep some of the designs for themself to stay unique in the design category.

Appreciated By Others

This way they are appreciated by other players of Mod FR Legends. Which gives them the motivation to keep expanding the world of art.

Not Just Kid Play

Livery codes are not just kids playing. It gives you the art of external body appearance modification of the car which was never imagined before. The designs you will get might never come to your mind.

Get The Option To Rotate

You will be surprised to see how each paint, sticker, and skin can be used in so many ways to get a completely different look from it. You get the option to rotate the stickers and vinyl while applying it on preowned vehicle.

Vertical And Horizontal Switches

Besides rotation option, you can also customize the sticker, vinyl, wraps and skins in many other diractions. you can switch it horizental and also verticle. This way the same sticker, vinyl, wrap and skin gives the looks which was not possible through simple editing options.

Appearance Of The Body And Engines

Vinyl, body paints, engine paints, turbo paints, custom wraps, new paints, new skins, rim paints, and so much more. You name it and you get it. It is this simple because all you have to do is go to some community platform and copy the codes from there.

Is Outer Look Not So Important?

If you consider the appearance not so important then you are absolutely wrong. Why is it so important? Well, it entirely changes the feeling of the same old dull looking car. Is it important for the skills or does it affect the performance of the player?

Enhancement In Driving Performance

Then yes it does put difference in driving performance. It is because when you like the car’s external looks then you are more excited and motivated to drive it perfectly. Which lets you win the race agains your opponents.

No Need To Spend Money To Buy New Cars

Moreover, spending a lot of in-game money on new cars might not be possible every time but you still want to enjoy or ride a new vehicle. Then instead of buying an entire new car you can simply change the outer looks of the car to have fresh new feel out of it.

Download FR Legends MOD APK Unlimited Money and Diamonds

Download FR Legends Mod APK Unlimited Money and apply these livery codes to have plenty of free custom designs without any effort.

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